Unicorn Wishes by Carol Barton

This is not a book I read recently, but someone asked for a Rainbow Fairies-like book so here it is!!!!!

Unicorn Wishes by Carol Barton is the first of six books in the World of Wishes series.

Maddie O’Neil has freckles, deep carrot coloured hair; she just recently got braces and her classmates know it.  The day after she got her braces, she came home from school in despair.  That’s when a boat appeared in the stream that runs through her yard.  She traveled on the boat to find the magic world of Zavania, where wishes come true.  While there, she met Sebastian, apprentice to the Wish Master, and helped him grant a baby Unicorn’s wish to go home.  However, they first had to rescue it, and that meant taking it (and its mother) from the clutches of the terrible Ice Queen.  My favourite person in the book was, of course, Maddie.  She was a female hero of sorts.  I was around the age of 5 when I read this book and it is very good for that age.

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