Scumble is the follow up book of the two book series which begins with Savvy by Ingrid Law.

“If only awesome magical powers came with an instruction manual.” This quote from the book jacket is probably how Ledger, occasionally referred as “Ledge”, felt throughout this book.

Ledger “Ledge” Kale is an ordinary twelve year old boy, from an extraordinary family. For his thirteenth birthday he wouldn’t have to worry about lame presents. Instead, he’ll get a gift that he’ll have for the rest of his life, whether he likes it or not, a magical ability called a savvy. Ledge looked forward to it but unfortunately, he wouldn’t know what his savvy was or did until he received it. He hoped it would make him a really fast runner. But Ledge’s dreams turned into a nightmare. Scumbling is controlling your Savvy. Uncle Autry had a rather quirky ranch where he taught young family members to scumble. Ledges savvy turned out to be the ability to destroy things, including a toaster, T.V, the wipers on the family minivan, a Harley Davidson, and even uncle Autry’s barn. Before he knows it, a local reporter named Sarah Jane Cabot (S.J.) witnessed his Savvy, revealing their closely guarded family secret. The thought of the family secret becoming public knowledge created more problems.

This is a great book for both genders who like fiction, especially if they like Harry Potter. This time I did not have a favourite character! If you have any requests, please feel free to post!


The Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows

The Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows by Jacqueline West

The Shadows is the first book in The Books of Elsewhere series.

Olive Dunwoody is a nice eleven year old girl who is somewhat brave. When she moves into the only old mansion on Linden Street she begins to think there’s something strange about the house. With its twisted features, such as stair cases that lead to nowhere and an attic with no door to get into it, anyone would think this house was weird. However, when Olive finds a pair of fancy spectacles, she discovers one of the house secrets – she can use them to travel through paintings that were painted by Aldous McMartin, the house patron. The spectacles allow her to travel to Elsewhere, a quiet world filled with people who are either real or part of a painting.

Olive soon realizes that her situation has given rise to many questions: Were the McMartin family even human? Why does some force in the house want her gone?

This book is similar to 100 Cupboards in that they combine both real and imaginary worlds. If you enjoyed that book you will like this one for sure. Other than Olive, the main characters in this book are three cats who each guard a part of the house. My favourite is Harvey, a slightly loony cat, who guards the attic. At different times in the book he thinks he’s Blackbeard, Cyrano de Bergerac, Lancelot du Lac, and other heroes of history and literature. He even has an outfit for each of his personalities. One of my favourites is his Lancelot costume which included a breastplate made of tuna cans and soda can tabs. As you can see, this book has its funny moments. However, beware and be warned, this book isn’t something that will give you nice dreams. As it progresses, it gets scarier, until finally you’ll only read it daytime. Don’t say I never told you!

The Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows

100 Cupboards by N.D Wilson

I just read this book so I hope you like it!

This is the first book of three in The Books of the 100 Cupboards series. The adventure begins when Henry, an 11 year old boy, must move to (where else?) Henry, Kansas after his parents were abducted for no apparent reason. He was forced to live with his nice relatives Aunt Dotty, Uncle Frank, and cousins Anastasia, Henrietta, and Penelope. Eventually he discovered 100 cupboards and 2 knobs under the plaster of the wall in the attic. But, those cupboards didn’t hold socks and underpants. No, these were portals to other worlds. Henrietta, who coincidentally, likes to be called Henry, explored the cupboards with our main character Henry. Together they discovered something more shocking than the existence of the cupboards themselves; Henry, the small timid boy, isn’t really from this world. Soon our explorers learned what danger Cupboard #8 posed to our world; a witch who wants to destroy Henry and take over our world.

I loved this book because it has lots of twists and turns and an unsuspecting victim at the end! This is a good book for anyone who isn’t absorbed in factual books and has an interest in magic. If you know of such people please spread the word about this book to your friends! The other books have quirky names as well: Dandelion Fire and The Chestnut King. Next I’m going to read the Books of Elsewhere series! I hear they are great as well.

P.S. Please remember our Veterans on Remembrance Day!

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

By C.S Lewis

I love this book; it’s my favourite of the seven books in the Narnia series. It was first published in 1950.

It was a boring, rainy day and Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy Pevensie were stuck inside exploring their caretaker’s house when they decide to play hide and seek. Lucy hid deep in the back of a beautiful old wardrobe and suddenly found herself in the unknown land of Narnia. It’s a place where Trees go into battle, Dwarves can be henchmen, and Fauns (satyrs), like Mr. Tumnus, dance with Tree Nymphs. However, Narnia’s equivalent of an hour is mere seconds in our time! Eventually, all the Pevensie kids found out that the evil White Witch was making it, in Mr. Tumnus’s opinion, “Always winter. Always winter and never Christmas; think of that!”. They also learned that four “daughters of Eve and sons of Adam” were to rule the land . . . if they could defeat the evil White Witch. I liked this book because it has action and lots of fight scenes.

This is a really good series for Christians because in each book there is a hidden biblical story. It was a lot of fun to guess the stories, in my opinion. My favourite character is Lucy. It was originally Susan but something happened in The Last Battle that really did shock me. I didn’t like her much after that.

PS: I was Lucy for Hallowe’en!

The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe