100 Cupboards by N.D Wilson

I just read this book so I hope you like it!

This is the first book of three in The Books of the 100 Cupboards series. The adventure begins when Henry, an 11 year old boy, must move to (where else?) Henry, Kansas after his parents were abducted for no apparent reason. He was forced to live with his nice relatives Aunt Dotty, Uncle Frank, and cousins Anastasia, Henrietta, and Penelope. Eventually he discovered 100 cupboards and 2 knobs under the plaster of the wall in the attic. But, those cupboards didn’t hold socks and underpants. No, these were portals to other worlds. Henrietta, who coincidentally, likes to be called Henry, explored the cupboards with our main character Henry. Together they discovered something more shocking than the existence of the cupboards themselves; Henry, the small timid boy, isn’t really from this world. Soon our explorers learned what danger Cupboard #8 posed to our world; a witch who wants to destroy Henry and take over our world.

I loved this book because it has lots of twists and turns and an unsuspecting victim at the end! This is a good book for anyone who isn’t absorbed in factual books and has an interest in magic. If you know of such people please spread the word about this book to your friends! The other books have quirky names as well: Dandelion Fire and The Chestnut King. Next I’m going to read the Books of Elsewhere series! I hear they are great as well.

P.S. Please remember our Veterans on Remembrance Day!

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