The Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows

The Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows by Jacqueline West

The Shadows is the first book in The Books of Elsewhere series.

Olive Dunwoody is a nice eleven year old girl who is somewhat brave. When she moves into the only old mansion on Linden Street she begins to think there’s something strange about the house. With its twisted features, such as stair cases that lead to nowhere and an attic with no door to get into it, anyone would think this house was weird. However, when Olive finds a pair of fancy spectacles, she discovers one of the house secrets – she can use them to travel through paintings that were painted by Aldous McMartin, the house patron. The spectacles allow her to travel to Elsewhere, a quiet world filled with people who are either real or part of a painting.

Olive soon realizes that her situation has given rise to many questions: Were the McMartin family even human? Why does some force in the house want her gone?

This book is similar to 100 Cupboards in that they combine both real and imaginary worlds. If you enjoyed that book you will like this one for sure. Other than Olive, the main characters in this book are three cats who each guard a part of the house. My favourite is Harvey, a slightly loony cat, who guards the attic. At different times in the book he thinks he’s Blackbeard, Cyrano de Bergerac, Lancelot du Lac, and other heroes of history and literature. He even has an outfit for each of his personalities. One of my favourites is his Lancelot costume which included a breastplate made of tuna cans and soda can tabs. As you can see, this book has its funny moments. However, beware and be warned, this book isn’t something that will give you nice dreams. As it progresses, it gets scarier, until finally you’ll only read it daytime. Don’t say I never told you!

The Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows

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  1. Ruby Hull
    Nov 15, 2011 @ 22:54:40

    Sounds very interesting. Love reading your blogs. Keep it up. xo


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