Scumble is the follow up book of the two book series which begins with Savvy by Ingrid Law.

“If only awesome magical powers came with an instruction manual.” This quote from the book jacket is probably how Ledger, occasionally referred as “Ledge”, felt throughout this book.

Ledger “Ledge” Kale is an ordinary twelve year old boy, from an extraordinary family. For his thirteenth birthday he wouldn’t have to worry about lame presents. Instead, he’ll get a gift that he’ll have for the rest of his life, whether he likes it or not, a magical ability called a savvy. Ledge looked forward to it but unfortunately, he wouldn’t know what his savvy was or did until he received it. He hoped it would make him a really fast runner. But Ledge’s dreams turned into a nightmare. Scumbling is controlling your Savvy. Uncle Autry had a rather quirky ranch where he taught young family members to scumble. Ledges savvy turned out to be the ability to destroy things, including a toaster, T.V, the wipers on the family minivan, a Harley Davidson, and even uncle Autry’s barn. Before he knows it, a local reporter named Sarah Jane Cabot (S.J.) witnessed his Savvy, revealing their closely guarded family secret. The thought of the family secret becoming public knowledge created more problems.

This is a great book for both genders who like fiction, especially if they like Harry Potter. This time I did not have a favourite character! If you have any requests, please feel free to post!


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