By Lauren Myracle


Winnie Perry is a 10 year old girl who lives in Atlanta with her sister Sandra, her brother Ty, and her mom. She is proud to be crazy which she shows through an overactive imagination and quirky behaviour, even if it makes things weird sometimes. For example, she invented the Bathroom Lady, a woman who lives in the sewer and uses her pruny claws to snatch kids through the toilet and then eats them. Or when she bought coffee in New York and put lots of sugar and whipped cream in it because she didn’t like the taste. This book is about her and how she survived her year as a ten year old. From mean girls to the Big Apple and big-sisterly advice, Winnie will write month by month the ups and downs of her 10 year old life. In this book, follow Winnie and her imagination through the “Land of Double Digits…where, unicorns frolicked. Maybe they were invisible, fine. But they frolicked anyways.”

This is the first book in Lauren Myracle’s series, which includes Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, and Thirteen Plus One. I am looking forward to reading Eleven. My favourite character was Amanda, one of Winnie’s BFFs because she was nice but a lot like Winnie, but a little less wierd. These books are for girls only. Sorry guys but you just won’t get the story.


The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Sorry about not writing … I was in a Zumba class for 6 weeks and it was a lot of fun! Anyway, here is my latest post!

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Hugo Cabret was written by Brian Selznick.

Meet Hugo Cabret, a young orphan who is the timekeeper in Paris, 1931. Hugo keeps the train station clocks running by winding them up each day. To most, he is a thief because he takes the things he needs, but Hugo doesn’t want to steal – he just has to eat. Eventually he meets the man who runs the toy booth in the train station where he lives, George Melies. In the past, Hugo has stolen small toys from the booth. However, George stole Hugo’s most valuable possession: a notebook from his dead father filled with pictures and notes about an automaton that his father owned. (Hugo hopes to finish rebuilding the automaton and maybe discover a message from his dad.) In order to get even with Hugo for stealing from the toy booth, George threatens to burn the notebook. Can Hugo and Isabelle, George’s goddaughter, get the notebook, rebuild the automaton and figure out how George is connected to the automaton?

I really enjoyed this book, and guess what? There’s a movie to go with it, called Hugo! I recommend reading then watching the movie. This book has 284 beautiful, detailed drawings and 511 pages. It is a book for (I’d say) 10-13 year old boys and girls because there are 2 main characters, Isabelle and Hugo. My favourite character was Isabelle. It took me a week or more to read this book. I am a speed-reader but I have been very busy.